Oprah Magazine Moment

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How exciting! Some time ago, as a project for The Dental Speaker, I created Dr. Hazel Glasper’s website and materials for marketing her keynotes and workshops. Now, she’s featured on O Magazine’s “Favorite Things” issue and the design is based on my branding work for her! Oh, and, a speaker packet is a PDF design that can be shared online or printed out, and it showcases Hazel’s presentations so she can be invited to speak at industry meetings. You can check out Dr. Glasper’s website here.

What are web designers, really?

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what are web designers really

Today I explored some creative work spaces in Helsinki and came across this blog post by local web & UX designer who prefers to stay anonymous. Enjoyed it – and have pondered the same myself in a way – as ‘web designer’ doesn’t really feel like an accurate title for peeps like me. What we do is a combination of a lot of perspectives & skills. According to the work I do on daily basis, instead of a ‘web designer’, I’d identify more with something along the lines of ‘co-orchestrator of situations in people’s lives sparked by what they gained from a visual experience on their device’ and some reference to knowing important boring stuff that makes it all work behind the scenes. Responsively. On all their devices equally effectively. Ha! AND, some reference to how all this allows the … Read More

Website for Your Vegas Tutor

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why choose private tutor

My friend Tim is an interesting guy – a scientist, tutor, vegan, yogi, and a part of our hilarious bowling group “Ten Pin Spare”! :) I created a simple one page website for him to advertise his tutoring services. The site is colorful, fun, and to the point, designed to attract both younger audience – kids! – as well as impress their parents. Click on the screenshot above to go to Tim’s Your Vegas Tutor site and check it out!  

Bohemian Desert Editorial

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Bohemian Desert Editorial by Bhakti Kulmala

This is definitely one of the most memorable photo shoots of 2014 for me. I met with the models and my friends Natalie and Maggie at my place and we tried on different outfits to determine the ones to wear, how to style them, accessorize, and so on. Because to my Etsy vintage shop, BOHOpage, I of course have a ton of whimsical, boho chic vintage clothing that was just perfect for this shoot. When we got to the desert location here in Las Vegas, it got pretty windy. As the evening grew closer, the wind got crazier. Our last outfits were these edgy, sexy black see-through ensembles that stopped passer by cars in their tracks… By that time, the wind was blowing the girls’ hats off, there was sand in the air and inside my camera, and it just got intense. And … Read More

Wildfox Lookbook: Gypsy

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Well I just love the latest Wildfox lookbook called Gypsy! These definitely remind me of the kind of photos I love to take. Beautiful sceneries, whimsical bohemian chic clothes, long-haired model faeries. I ordered a Wildfox dress for myself just last week too – to be my Theme Dress for 2015. I have a 2015 theme song as well but it’s so strange I’m probably not going to tell you what it is. My friends have seen me jumping around the house to the beats though. Moving on! Phography: Mark Hunter Models: Clara Settje, Alyssah Ali, Jena Goldsack And here’s the dress I got… Follow your dreams! xoxo, Bhakti

Bohemian Style and Home Decor Inspiration Books

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Bohemian decor and style books - Bhakti Creative

These are some bohemian, eclectic, or otherwise inspiring style and home decor books I’m currently reading. Yes, I have lots of books going on at once. I have a deck of vintage playing cards on our coffee table that I use as bookmarks – 52 bookmarks seems to be enough for all my simultaneous reading! Bazaar Style by Selina Lake I love looking through the photos in this book – great decorating ideas that get your super colorful, creative juices going! And the book actually has useful tips on almost every page for little things, like how to use lighting in the most atmospheric way: use smaller lamps here and there instead of one big light on the ceiling, and there are picture examples… Very pretty and useful book, I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t know what to expect. I … Read More

On Being Busy

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On being busy - Bhakti Creative

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who works at home or you run an Etsy store, or both (ahem). You get up early, excited to do what you love, and your workdays stretch late into the night. You can recall times before deadlines or big launches when you worked 16 or 20 hours straight. Sometimes for days or weeks in a row. You had to say no to suggestions from friends to hang out or see a movie because you’re busy with work. Too busy. So busy. Someone asks you how you’re doing and you tell them you’re really busy. A part of you might feel a bit proud about that. Even if you feel so stressed you start crying over the smallest thing at the end of the day and lay on the kitchen floor out of exhaustion and remember your … Read More