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Branding and web design that brings your vision to life

Branding and web design that brings your vision to life

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IMPORTANT: I'm out of office from July 15 through August 26, 2024 🦋🌞⛱
While I'm away, I've left you in the super capable hands of Minna, our senior designer and all-around creative genius. She'll be delighted to help you out with any urgent matters that simply can't wait for my return. To reach her, kindly drop her a line at See you soon! Warmly, Bhakti

You’re here to do big things — problem-solving, world-creating, future-shaping things...

And you need an online presence that supports you as you make those things happen!

From your big vision to your brand visuals to your website, we’ll create an online identity that will evoke a visceral reaction from your people and serve you for years to come.

Working from Loviisa, Finland, Bhakti Creative combines a mindful Scandinavian design sensitivity with a bold, innovative approach that flows from our US marketing experience.

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Bhakti Kulmala of Bhakti Creative - web design in the Nordics - Scandinavian designer - global - woo hoo I love design

Specializing in WordPress and Kajabi based web design while creating visual identities through branding, we can take your idea and help you make it a reality.

And with your marketing, design, and strategy needs taken care of, you’re free to focus on what you do best — making an impact!

Crafted with absolute devotion, our goal is your happiness AND the success of your project!

(Fun fact - Bhakti means 'devotion' in Sanskrit, nickname from my yoga years!)

Bhakti Kulmala of Bhakti Creative - web design in the Nordics - Scandinavian designer - global - woo hoo I love design

“Bhakti Kulmala saved my website, and my reputation!

Hackers invaded my site and corrupted every inch of it. I desperately sought a ’savior’ and was referred to Bhakti. She did it!

In a very short time, she completely revamped my site, improved my SEO, eliminated the hacks and produced the best website I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a website since ‘Web Pages’ were new! She’s delightful, professional, funny and extremely skilled.

I would trust Bhakti with my most important business assets, and in fact, I have! She’s the best and she’s affordable!!!”


“Bhakti Kulmala is an extraordinary visionary. She has designed visually beautiful, compelling websites for four of my companies, all dealing with science, medicine and frontier technologies. By listening closely, she is able to grasp the essence of a brand and create a visual identity that resonates with an online audience."

—Nancy J Kelley, JD, MPP

The method to the magic

It might feel like magic, but when it comes to creating a magnetic brand and website for you, that doesn’t mean we leave things up to chance.

When we work together, you get the personal attention your vision deserves — no account managers, no being passed around to multiple people you’ve never heard of before, no one-size-fits-all solutions.

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You get heard

Tell us your vision, your philosophy, your dream. Where do you want to take your business? How do you want to feel? What do you most want to do? What’s not working? We dive deep and get clear on your brand story, your direction, and the business plan it supports.
Web designer who understands you - Bhakti Creative

You get understood

From dentists to dryer balls, we’ve helped create brands and websites across very different industries. Which means rather than creating versions of the same thing over and over, each client is treated as the extraordinary force for change that they are. Plus, your feedback is invited at every step — I’m not happy until you have a brand you truly LOVE.

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You get an online presence that works for YOU!

Picture this: Your online presence is impressive but cozy. You’re DELIGHTED every time you share the link because you actually love your website. You’re empowered to reach out to anyone or double your prices because you’re worth it and you feel it, you see it. Your brand enchants just the right people. You’ve made it easy for them to book your service. Invest in your tech. Buy your course. You’re ready for whatever is next for you. And you’re free to focus on it, rather than your website.

Sound like just what you need?

Let’s talk about your next big thing!

Take a peek at our client work:

“Working with Bhakti is a delight! Her sense of design and aesthetic is above and beyond beautiful. Her marketing skills and expertise is invaluable.”

—Dale Sparage