The reason we do what we do

We can talk about big ideas and brands and websites and marketing ALL day (don’t tempt me!), but what really matters is how our clients feel about their businesses after working with us...


The reason we do what we do

We can talk about big ideas and brands and websites and marketing ALL day (don’t tempt me!), but what really matters is how our clients feel about their businesses after working with us...

morgan dix marketing website

"I've worked with Bhakti for several years now. While a part of that is because she's always up with the latest features and technology, the main reason I choose to work with her is because of her deep access to the creative process and her intuition. She brings joy and humanness to her projects and our conversations and I always leave our conversations feeling enthusiastic and more organized on the next steps need to be made. I cannot recommend her work enough!"

—Meredith Hart

morgan dix marketing website

"Do not go too far, you are now part of my team. You are so great!"

—Dr. Hazel Glasper

morgan dix marketing website

“I've worked with multiple web designers over the past 20 years. Bhakti Kulmala is a rare and exceptional talent! She possesses the creativity, ingenuity, professionalism and drive to tackle and conquer the most challenging of assignments. You’ll be hard pressed to find a more intelligent, creative, fun and professional designer.”

—Vanessa Emerson, Founder, Dental Speaker Institute

jenna hellsten testimonial for Bhakti Creative web designer in Finland

"Words are not enough to express how unbelievably satisfied I am with the website

made by Bhakti, it turned out to be absolutely fantastic! Bhakti is a master at branding and creating a visual identity. Bhakti is also absolutely wonderful as a person and super easy to work with. Big recommendation from here! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

—Jenna Hellstén

“Bhakti has been working with me on some marketing emails and the boss is SUPER PLEASED, which makes me look good, too! Thanks Bhakti!!”

—Ginger Lipscomb

“Every time I open an email from Bhakti Creative it’s like opening a gift! I get sooooo excited to see the design and I am always blown away by how well Bhakti is able to make my ideas come to life!”

—Wendy Landiak

morgan dix marketing website

“Bhakti is a talented web designer with a wide ranging skill set. She has helped build me two websites already and in addition to setting up the entire backend, she also managed the graphic design, product design, site architecture, and much more. I feel that I got way more than I paid for with Bhakti because of the dynamic nature of her skillset, her relaxed and confident demeanor, and her thorough expertise. I also feel as though she is on 'My Team,' and not merely a web contractor. She really cares deeply about everything she does and it shines through on every level. I already recommend her to all my friends who are building new websites.”

—Morgan Dix, Co-Founder, AboutMeditation


Too epic for mortal words!

—Jason Sebok

Love Bhakti Creative web design studio in Loviisa Finland wohoo


"Too epic for mortal words!"

—Jason Sebok, EMBERhandcraft

“I have worked with Bhakti since 2012. She has done web design for me for three different companies. Bhakti has proven herself to be amazingly versatile, and has been able to morph into the kind of web designer I need as requirements evolve.

Bhakti works in another time zone from my business, and we’ve never met in person! While I look forward to a face to face meeting one day, the lack of proximity has never been a barrier to her performance or outcomes. She is smart, creative, and conducts herself with the utmost professionalism. I have recommended her to many, and look forward to working with her in the future.”

—Gabrielle Applebaum


"The website you created is absolutely incredible!!!

You are the most talented web designer I have ever seen and I looked at a gazillion over years. I am on-my-knees grateful. What a conduit you are through your art in helping these women, and myself reach the world. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the hard work you are putting into my website!"

—Joanie Lamb

“For the very first time I see someone who can tap into my vision and execute that vision of what I want to communicate, that feeling."

—Kasia Jamroz

Nancy J Kelley website review for Bhakti Creative

"It has been a great privilege to work with you over the past decade.

You are a gifted professional and it has been my good fortune to have met you and count you as one of my strongest mentors and supporters. I thank you so much for your steadfast commitment over this past year and prior years, which has brought all of the projects we have worked on together to this point of such promise for the future. You are amazing!!!"

–Nancy J Kelley, CEO & President, Nancy J Kelley + Associates


"This new site will act as the catalyst for when my business went from good to amazing - and it is because of you! 

I am glad that I found you. We will be doing a lot more together in the future after this project, for sure."

—Tiffany Wuebben


“Wow! I just checked out all of your hard work on the website – you are AMAZING! Graphically it’s exactly what I want. I am so blessed to have met you.”

—Julie Featherman
juju organics


“Wow, that’s awesome! Way more than I was hoping for (then again, the bar is pretty high here in Hollywood) so one needs a site like this to be taken seriously. Again, this looks amazing!”

—Nicho M.


“Hi Bhakti!! You did such an amazing job with my website that I am getting speaking engagements left and right!!

—Dr. Joy Poskozim