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I'm Bhakti Kulmala

and I am obsessed with designing exceptional websites.

bhakti kulmala

I’m a web & graphic designer, developer, art maker, and an all-around vision-tangible-izer. I help entrepreneurs, artists, coaches, consultants, businesses, and non-profits create a rocking, professional online presence. A great website that looks amazing on all devices is a given for gaining visibility and credibility for your cause, project, or business. Check out my portfolio here to see some of my work.

I’m originally from Finland and moved back to my Arctic roots in July 2015 after living in the United States for almost ten years, most recently in Las Vegas, Nevada. I spend my days designing and developing websites, and creating graphics for online and print. Sensitive attention to detail and the subtleties allows me to design your online presence so that it resonates with your audience, communicates your message visually and viscerally, and is a powerful tool for marketing your services.

When I’m not busy behind a screen you can find me at a yoga class, playing the piano, out dancing, taking walks by the sea, instagramming, or painting abstracts in my living room while singing along to Bob Dylan!


really is something I FREAKING LOVE DOING.

I created my first site in mid-90s as a 12-13 year old. Internet was not in every home then so I remember booking the library computer for hours on end to tweak the websites I created just for fun. Making websites gave me the same feeling I got when I was lost in painting, drawing, playing piano, or writing poems. It was creative expression in the same way and put me in the ‘zone’ or ‘flow’ where I lost track of time. Without any technical or design knowledge, I relied on my intuition and aesthetic sensibility to bring forth an idea or vision so that it could be not just seen but experienced.

My goal still is to not just design something pretty but to create something that stops you and moves you into action while looking amazing.

I founded my web & graphic design studio in Philadelphia in 2011 (Lotus Root Studio) and continue serving you through my company, now named Bhakti Creative, globally & locally in Loviisa, Finland. Our core team includes me, and a web & graphic designer/ software engineer intern.

Bhakti Kulmala of Bhakti Creative web design


Meet Bhakti Creative team member, the most talented and spectacular adventurer, photographer and designer Minna Kulmala. Also, she is my little sister!

Minna lives in a little cabin in the woods of Finland and travels around our beautiful north and other European corners as well, in her van home. We work both remotely and together in my Helsinki studio.

She is also a photographer - you can check out her work at minnakulmala.com and follow on IG here.

Minna Kulmala


let's do this. Begin by sending me a message and we can then talk on the phone, Zoom or in person in Finland.


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