The most devoted freelancers you’ll ever find

The most devoted freelancers you’ll ever find

“You’re giving me more than a website, you’re giving me courage."

—Janet Simpson

Letting a freelancer (or agency) get their hands on your business can feel like a big risk…

What if they don’t get it? What if they don’t get you? What if they’re too busy working on so many different projects, that they don’t have the time to devote to yours?

At Bhakti Creative, we know that understanding your vision, and being devoted to bringing it to life, is crucial to your ongoing success.

It’s even in the name, and in my nick name — Bhakti means devotion in Sanskrit.

So you bring the vision (we can even help you clarify it!), and we’ll help you make it a reality, so you can focus on making the impact you dream about.

Leave it in our hands, we’ll guide you there 🙌🏼

Bhakti Kulmala of Bhakti Creative - web design in the Nordics - Scandinavian designer - global - woo hoo I love design

We’ve been known to make clients cry (in a good way)

I don’t want to scare you, but happy tears is a very real possibility when working with Bhakti Creative — thanks to the breakthroughs, the wins, and the beautiful brand results 🥲

Our proven process will guide you along the way, without demanding all of your time and attention. We remain devoted to your project, so that you have the time and space to focus on what you’re really enjoy doing.

And because we’re all in on creating something you love, there’s no limit on revisions — we won’t stop until you’re happy.

Ask me something I am an expert - Bhakti Anni Kulmala of Bhakti Creative web design company
Bhakti Kulmala Bhakti Creative web designer - nettisivujen suunnittelija

Anni "Bhakti" Kulmala

Founder, Lead Designer, Strategy Partner, Creative Director, Branding Specialist
AKA Your internet-fairy-godmother. Dream-tender. Vision-tangible-izer.

Bhakti Kulmala - Bhakti Creative, Founder & Lead Designer

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Sometimes people come to me in a mild panic...

What should I do now? Which platform to choose? How do I get to the next level? How do we get this message out there? What’s a nameserver?

My work / magic power / ultimate joy is to guide you through all this. There’s an element of intuition, but also 10+ years of experience along with new skills and insights gained all the time. It’s the nature of this ever-changing industry and it’s also strongly the nature of me.

I love taking on challenges, complex projects, and bringing clarity and thoughtful design to them to ensure your success. Sensitive attention to detail and the subtleties allows me to design your online presence so that it resonates with your audience, communicates your message visually and viscerally, and is a powerful tool for marketing your services.

In the mid-90s, as a 12-13 year old, we didn’t have internet at home yet so I booked the library computer for hours on end to make websites just for fun, in a flow state of creation. In 2011, I founded Bhakti Creative in Philadelphia.

I lived in the United States for 10 years, and am now back at my Arctic roots, living in a 120-year old house in the Finnish countryside of Loviisa with my partner and two cats, Mist and Hulda. In Loviisa, I am the founder of Utopiaklubi craftivism club and on the board of the local Left Alliance/Vasemmisto.

Minna Kulmala

Web Designer, Photographer
AKA Lifestyle adventurer. Digital nomad. The middle sister. Brand magician.
Current vanlife location: Mountains of Asturias, northern Spain

Bhakti Kulmala - Bhakti Creative, Founder & Lead Designer

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I love to help businesses grow

My days begin with a walk on the beach or mountains, continued by sipping on my morning coffee while creating websites in my office on four wheels (I built myself a van home). Days are topped with admiring the sunset surrounded by free ranging horses or cows, and going to sleep listening to the waves hit the shore or the concert of silence.

Web designing has given me the freedom to live my life the way I always dreamed of.

I love connecting with people who bravely make their dreams become a reality, and I'm grateful for having the tools to help businesses grow to their full potential.

"I cried happy tears of gratitude seeing your work on my website. Your work is unbelievably beautiful. My professionalism will rise 100% due to all this. I am so grateful for you, wonderful woman! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

—Kirsti Kuosmanen

Bhakti Creative

Extended Team

- listed (almost) alphabetically -

Aarne Ekström

Loviisa, Finland


A debugger, emergency coder, graphic designer, and digital marketer on the team - with a passion to garden, paint, and play WoW. 

Ann Humphries

Carrboro, USA


Ann is an amazing writer and editor, and a professional world-renowned hula-hooper, and the author of "The Tao of Hoop".

Cyan Mica



They've got all your copy editing and writing needs covered! Cyan is a butoh dancer and the owner of Punk Pilates.

Minna Kulmala



A designer, photographer, digital nomad, vanlife traveler, brand magician, founder of Puska Creative, and Bhakti's little sister. 💗
hulda kitty bhakti creative office lovely cat



Hulda is the mindfulness and balance coach on the team who makes sure we take breaks off the desk to pet her endlessly. 




Usva [Finnish for "Mist"] manages the couch and armchair in our Loviisa headquarters, overseeing all the office activities.

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"Bhakti brings joy and humanness to her projects. I always leave our conversations feeling enthusiastic and more organized on the next steps need to be made. I cannot recommend her work enough!"

—Meredith Ann Hart

By the way...

Bhakti Creative supports The Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation that protects old-growth forests in Finland. 🌲🌳 We also support Extinction Rebellion (Elokapina) and Greenpeace because there is no planet B. 💚🌎 And we support our local cat rescue Loviisan Kissatalo because cats! 😍🐾 At Utopiaklubi, we practice craftivism - gentle form of protesting through art! 🎨🧶✊

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