Bohemian Style and Home Decor Inspiration Books

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These are some bohemian, eclectic, or otherwise inspiring style and home decor books I’m currently reading. Yes, I have lots of books going on at once. I have a deck of vintage playing cards on our coffee table that I use as bookmarks – 52 bookmarks seems to be enough for all my simultaneous reading! Bazaar Style by Selina Lake I love looking through the photos in this book – great decorating ideas that get your super colorful, creative juices going! And the book actually has useful tips on almost every page for little things, like how to use lighting in the most atmospheric way: use smaller lamps here and there instead of one big light on the ceiling, and there are picture examples… Very pretty and useful book, I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t know what to expect. I … Read More

How Do You Want to Feel? Reading The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte

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Usually around the new year I take a moment to be grateful for the past year and hope for all things amazing for the next. A couple years ago I took it a step further and filled a big glass jar with small items that reminded me of events, goals, and dreams I wished would manifest that year. As you can see my vision jar included some fairy magic, tiny scissors for making more of my own up cycled clothing, cone and moss for some nature groundedness, a page from a Sanskrit book and a picture of Krishna for spiritual connection, meditation beads for consistent practice, musical notes for playing more piano, and so on and so on. Lots of aspirations which all did get more or less fulfilled during that year. My husband Daniel filled his dream jar as … Read More