Oprah Magazine Moment

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How exciting! Some time ago, as a project for The Dental Speaker, I created Dr. Hazel Glasper’s website and materials for marketing her keynotes and workshops. Now, she’s featured on O Magazine’s “Favorite Things” issue and the design is based on my branding work for her! Oh, and, a speaker packet is a PDF design that can be shared online or printed out, and it showcases Hazel’s presentations so she can be invited to speak at industry meetings. You can check out Dr. Glasper’s website here.

What are web designers, really?

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what are web designers really

Today I explored some creative work spaces in Helsinki and came across this blog post by local web & UX designer who prefers to stay anonymous. Enjoyed it – and have pondered the same myself in a way – as ‘web designer’ doesn’t really feel like an accurate title for peeps like me. What we do is a combination of a lot of perspectives & skills. According to the work I do on daily basis, instead of a ‘web designer’, I’d identify more with something along the lines of ‘co-orchestrator of situations in people’s lives sparked by what they gained from a visual experience on their device’ and some reference to knowing important boring stuff that makes it all work behind the scenes. Responsively. On all their devices equally effectively. Ha! AND, some reference to how all this allows the … Read More

Website for Your Vegas Tutor

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why choose private tutor

My friend Tim is an interesting guy – a scientist, tutor, vegan, yogi, and a part of our hilarious bowling group “Ten Pin Spare”! :) I created a simple one page website for him to advertise his tutoring services. The site is colorful, fun, and to the point, designed to attract both younger audience – kids! – as well as impress their parents. Click on the screenshot above to go to Tim’s Your Vegas Tutor site and check it out!