Patricia Albere Website

Bhakti Kulmala WEB DESIGN

creative spiritual web design

Patricia Albere is the founder and director of the Evolutionary Collective and an internationally known contemporary spiritual teacher and author. Her website is an introduction to her story, work, events, and the concepts she teaches: mutual awakening, collective consciousness, and the next steps of human evolution.

Your Vegas Tutor Website

Bhakti Kulmala WEB DESIGN

why choose private tutor

Tim is an interesting guy – a scientist, tutor, and a vegan yogi. I created a simple one page website for him to advertise his tutoring services. The site is colorful, fun, and to the point, designed to attract both younger audience – the kids! – as well as to impress their parents. I also designed the logo.

Nancy J Kelley + Associates website

Bhakti Kulmala WEB DESIGN

Nancy J Kelley + Associates site design by Bhakti Creative

Design, development, and monthly website analytics reports for a NYC firm Nancy J Kelley + Associates. According to Donald Trump, Nancy J Kelley + Associates bring a collaborative approach and strategic perspective that bridges the gap between science and business to launch a successful company. NJKA is behind some major scientific projects in New York and beyond, and is committed to delivering scientific and medical breakthroughs through advancing genomic research and facilitating ways to feed, fuel and heal the world through technological innovation in biology. Read more about NJKA on the recently launched website.

About Meditation website


About Meditation is an information source for people who are interested in meditation, practice it, or already follow some meditation lifestyle. We re-designed the website, created the new logo, and shifted to a new color palette. Bhakti Creative maintains the site, provides graphics, and contributes to product design and development. Most recently I created ebooks and marketing materials for About Meditation’s new online course.