Ea Ehn

London • Helsinki • NYC

Ea Ehn

Ea is an inspiring blogger, wholesome influencer, health & wellbeing advocate, and a medical student in London with a touching healing story of her own. I created her website and taught her how to add posts on her own, and I keep checking them just to learn from them! Love her point of view of combining science and holistic health tips.

What we did

  • Branding & logo design
  • Web design & development
  • Mailchimp integration for newsletter signups
  • Email newsletter template design

influencer website design in helsinki and london and new york city

Logo design

Ea's initial logo drafts. She loved two different versions so we use them both in her materials and branding.

feminine elegant logo design

Tagline creation

I helped brainstorm Ea's tagline. This is an actual screenshot of my doc where I listed some options for her. You can see the progress from the initial premise to the last option, which was the perfect one :)

creating a tagline for a business

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