Bohemian Desert Editorial

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Bohemian Desert Editorial by Bhakti Kulmala

This is definitely one of the most memorable photo shoots of 2014 for me. I met with the models and my friends Natalie and Maggie at my place and we tried on different outfits to determine the ones to wear, how to style them, accessorize, and so on. Because to my Etsy vintage shop, BOHOpage, I of course have a ton of whimsical, boho chic vintage clothing that was just perfect for this shoot. When we got to the desert location here in Las Vegas, it got pretty windy. As the evening grew closer, the wind got crazier. Our last outfits were these edgy, sexy black see-through ensembles that stopped passer by cars in their tracks… By that time, the wind was blowing the girls’ hats off, there was sand in the air and inside my camera, and it just got intense. And … Read More